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Real Estate Investments

For those desiring to take advantage of the growing real-estate market especially within the Emirates, we have a very strong practice in assisting and hand-holding investors to identify strategic opportunities, execute a diligent analysis, work through the relevant documentation and deed transfer formalities. For many of our clientele retaining us for lead managing their prospective property portfolio, we also engage potential anchor tenants, in order to structure the transaction, with a rental component, and thus ensure there are rental earnings on the investment from day one. 

We work directly with developers to offload tranches or parcels of developed, built-up environments onto both of individual investors, besides partnerships and institutions. Working with corporate treasury desks looking or seeking property investments to offset tax liabilities, and other balance-sheet specific streamlining activities per their respective tax-jurisdiction. Arranging and implementing the corresponding asset holding structure to efficiently effect the same / have the desired balance-sheet impact. 

Here, at Wall Street Invest, the thrust is to match the most appropriate long-term investment asset, as per the risk-appetite and return-on-investment (ROI) expectations of the client-side.