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Family Office

Whether it be “old money” of the typical second and third generation wealthy family members, or “new money” of first time professionals turned multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, or emerging billionaires, on the look-out for fund managers with an eye for the most profitable portfolio management and asset allocation skills, to ensure further assured and continued growth, and smooth transfer of wealth across generations, “Wall Street Invest” service and expertise levels are second to none, whereby it offers comprehensive family office services for wealthy families and business owners, in order to support respective clients in meeting their long-term financial goals and wealth transfer objectives.

We serve wealthy families with assigning a senior partner who would develop a deep partnership and meaningful relationship with all the key client-side stakeholders and family members, take responsibility for developing a strategic plan for the establishment and operational management of your family office.

Taking fiduciary responsibility is a near sacred role which we undertake, and working for your long term financial interests, and that of your immediate loved ones, is the paramount guiding benchmark.