Diversified Asset Classes / Access Global Markets

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Equity, Fixed-income & Alternative Investments

Delivering on a client-focused philosophy, strategic portfolio allocation is a an absolute central responsibility that we undertake on a fiduciary basis, and taking advantage of our existing in-house and external network of world-class and highly acknowledged seasoned fund-manager, would advise on the right-mix of traditional assets, including listed equities, rated debt, money market instruments, and other alternative investments. 

Alternate investments predicate on the investment time-frame, intended ROI, risk appetite could include luxury real estate, precious metal, structured products, art investments and other highly event-based opportunities, based on market triggers. 

In order to present the most optimum fund allocation, the senior partner would draw upon our existing network of experts from across the various financial markets globally. These are typically those who have earlier worked in hedge funds, mutual funds and been active fund managers.