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Art Advisory

As part of our wealth management services, we have an excellent network of art advisory associates who are extremely skilled and insightful at providing best-in-class services to our clients, be they first-time art buyers or regular experienced collectors with a sizable existing collection. 

By way of access to a wide array of institutions, galleries and artists, we facilitate new clients an entry to the art world, tailored to their respective personal interests and investment needs. There are those who wish to own pieces of art in perpetuity, and those who wish to actively trade per the market opportunity. We serve both category types in addition to our wealth management services. 

We facilitate engagement with the best professional advisors having the most detailed insight and experience of the art world, and in addition to sourcing the right art-related expertise, we further simplify complex world of auction houses, galleries and art dealers, and work independently, impartially, to ensure that our clients receive the most unbiased advice when buying or selling.