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Patrick Mensah

Mr. Patrick Mensah possess nearly two decades of granular experience spanning trade-finance, offshore-banking, commodity trading etc. He’s well acknowledged for his innate knowledge and familiarity with the Corporate-world, and structuring the most complex deals with relative ease, on account of his many years of first-hand insight and extensive corporate banking pertaining work-experience. 

Patrick has advised and successfully completed a number of large value private investment transactions, assisting corporate entities, who with minimum up-front dollar investments, and wanting to avail of leveraged funds, wherein he efficiently structured the said transactions, and facilitated closing the syndicated lending arrangements, for diversified set of lines-of-businesses, including trade in precious metal and the energy sector.

Being the senior partner and co-founder of the practice, along with his other key partners, Ms. Olga, and Mr. Abdul Aziz, he is usually the one amongst the three who engages clients first, with face-to-face physical meets, or Zoom conversation (post covid-19), predicate on the comfort factor of the counter-party, in order to map the underlying requirement of the customer, and consult on the various available options, within the “Wall Street Invest” network of professional associates / specializations. Client-account, or key relationship management is one of his exemplary skills, given his very affable and easy-going personality. 

Mr. Mensah supports a number of social causes, charitable foundations and actively participates in a variety of pet causes, near and dear to his heart. And works closely with notable philanthropists and foundations from across the globe, with similar interests. 

Olga Krogh

Ms. Olga Krogh brings forth a wealth of experience to the practice, having nearly two decades of multifamily office and wealth management experience. She works out of London and Dubai, and being a native of Russia, speaks fluent Russian, while being very proficient in a few other European languages, besides English. 

Notably, having managed a very large real estate investment portfolio spread over US, Europe and the Middle East, her specialty, her forte is in curating, structuring bespoke deals and investment plans for all manner of global clientele. Encompassing wealthy investors, other family offices and institutional clientele. Olga is an expert across several traditional and alternative asset classes, and advises predicates on the investment time-frame, return expectations and risk appetite of the investing wealthy individual, family or corporate entity. 

Equity, debt, forex, commodities, derivatives on the liquid side of the portfolio, and real estate, private equity, venture capital investments or start-up funding, project financing and other alternate asset classes on the more long-term investment horizon, is what she is well entrenched in by way of her extensive network in the financial world, and very experienced at handling. 

She is well respected within the industry, with a USD 200-million AUM background, having participated in a number of major high value transactions, involving investments in diversified industry verticals. 


Mohammed Abul Aziz

Mr. Abdul-Aziz is an Emirati with more than two decades of hard-core field experience in positively engaging various government departments and agencies, for all manner of official, government-department centric work. Including all of official approvals, completing the necessary formalities, managing submissions and petitions, and seeking exemptions as be relevant. 

His insight into the local judicial framework and available options, to achieve ones commercial and business objective is second to none. Hence, he’s always most sought after for his working insight into all manner of government and (UAE) judicial related subject-matter. 

Within the firm, as a Senior Partner, he’s responsible for all the Company registration, miscellaneous PRO service offering / practice, Emirates relevant legal consulting, processing of formal application processing with all of Economic, Labour, Commerce, Land Department and other government agencies. Being a native and fluent Arabic speaker, certainly goes a long way to facilitate streamlining the most challenging of issues, as the need arises for clientele.

He is well-networked within all the relevant and industry business circles, and also acts as a bridge with the most important quarters, when lobbying and formal representation be required.