A full-service Business, Investment & Financial advisory practice!

About Us

“Wall Street Invest” is a Dubai based practice, with expert associates in nearly all the major financial centers of the world. The profound reason for our being or existence, is simply to efficiently and discreetly serve “clients” from across the four corners of the globe – all of high net-worth / ultra-high net-worth individuals, formal and informal partnerships, corporate entities and companies, group of companies, conglomerates and large institutions. 

Wherein the client-side requirement is to “consult” with experienced and expert advisors, in matters related to, though not limited to, setting-up, registration and incorporation of companies in various tax havens, with supporting / linked banking facilities, parking of funds in all manner of assets, be they highly liquid securities or long-term capital assets, financial and non-financial assets, estate planning and family-office investments, strategic structuring of investments, forming or incorporation of trusteeship holding entities etc.

In a nutshell, we serve “Capital” seeking safe havens and profit in tandem, against the backdrop of tumultuous and uncertain times. Wall Street Invest offers its exclusive clientele a comprehensive range of advisory services and much more.  

Our Client-base

The clientele “Wall Street Invest” serves, advises and supports by way of its end-to-end service offering, typically range from high net-worth and ultra-high net-worth individuals, industrialists, family-owned enterprises / businesses, fund managers of hedge funds and asset management companies, ex-government officials, ex-bureaucrats, to CXO’s of companies from diversified industry verticals, namely, Oil and Gas, Telecom, Mining, Shipping, Manufacturing and else. 

There is clientele whom we engage directly, who approach our offices seeking our assistance, and retain us for a whole host of professional hand-holding and support, and then there are other customers who are referred to us by lawyers, bankers, chartered accountants, real estate brokerages, architects, insurance brokerages etc. – what usually transpires is that intermediating professionals requiring the very best assistance for their respective client, confidently turning to Wall Street Invest, for top-notch expertise in the relevant subject-matter. 

Thus, we work with direct customers and also engage high-value referrals.